Never give ultimatums. If you've reached that point it's already too late. The smartest thing that anyone can do in a relationship is recognize when it is over and end it. Even if you still love and care and want to be with the other person. A relationship requires two people. It's time to end it if you find you are the only one still in it.

The dollar is current very strong. Again, DO JUST BASIC RESEARCH! They don’t write about it because it is NOT crashing. A very basic look at a years worth of FX rates would tell you this if you bothered to look. Truth is that the dollar has been doing well over the last year and the last few months against every major currency except the ¥uan and even that is relatively flat. The dollar has declined less than 3% against ¥ while it has risen over 8% against the €uro.

See this exposes how little you understand about macro scale economics. The message isn’t that everyone should buy a Tesla it’s that the more people should buy electric cars because the more that do the less demand for oil there will be so the lower the price will be. You personally don’t have to buy an electric car to benefit from more people buying electric cars